Parrp2ish Davenport is the Minister of Music at the St. Paul Baptist Church, Pittsburgh, PA.   He is a native of Pittsburgh, PA and no stranger to community outreach.   His passion for Music & Fine Arts has been evidenced through a variety of projects encompassing ministry and productions in Theatre and Mime, and composing of, as well as directing of music for several diversified groups. 
His music journey began at the young age of eight, in the historic Ebenezer Baptist Church of Pittsburgh, where he served as director of the youth choir.  As his experience in music flourished, he began to branch out and explored fine arts through the ministry of mime. In 1998, he formed a community mime ministry for his peers called,“Anointed Mime Ministry of Pittsburgh.” 
In 2010 his first musical stage play, “The Company You Keep” premiered in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh at the Creative Arts of Performing Arts School and featured many performers from the local gospel community.  Currently he is the Founder & Executive Director of the Family & Friends Initiative, which is a new community organization whose mission is to transform lives through holistic ministry.  This initiative offers an approach through music and fine arts, together with community outreach to advance development of the community workforce. Parrish enjoys serving the community and offering any of his services to help those in need. Outside of the music department Parrish is the Co-Owner and Operational Manager of “Events by Elaqui” an event planning company located in Pittsburgh.   “In any project I’m involved in, I just want people to see God and not Parrish.”  
Parrish Davenport was licensed into the gospel ministry on Wednesday March 14th 2018, where he preached his “initial sermon” from the gospel book of Mark 4:37-40 entitled, “I’ve been to blessed to doubt God now!”